The Image Firm is a holistic Personal and Professional Image Consulting Firm founded in 2005.
We partner with our clients to develop and facilitate programmes which contribute towards Self Awareness, Personal Presentation and Professional Presence by equipping individuals with skills necessary to ensure that their personal and professional image does not detract from their productivity and commercial efforts, or the image of their companies.

In today's fast paced world, impressions regarding competence and credibility are formed within seconds and are usually based on appearance. Knowing how to manage your per sonal presentat ion so that you are immediately perceived as efficient and confident is as critical as any business skill on a CV.


To Be Africa’s Leading Holistic Personal Development Firm That Is Universally Accessible.


To Remain The Market Leader By Continuously Providing A Convenient, Personalised And Relevant Service To Our Clients That Encourages Continued Development And Excellence.


Passion; Respect; Integrity; Professionalism; God First, Then Family And Then Business

People Values

Self- Knowledge; Self-Acceptance; Self-Love



Managing your appearance such that you are deemed and treated as the professional you are.


Ensuring accessibility & credibility through your personal and professional conduct, both in professional and social settings.


Building and maintaining good rapport with stakeholders at all levels as well as influence communication outcomes.

Digital Presence

Managing a positive personal and professional digital presence that contributes towards building your personal brand.


Reinforce one’s self-acceptance, esteem, worth & confidence; mastering leading self before leading others.


Our experience informs us that behaviour change is influenced by numerous factors such as attitudes, values, knowledge; and that at the core of it all, is self-image.


We facilitate the alignment of our clients’ company culture and brand with the behaviour and conduct of their workforce, in accordance with their strategic goals


The alignment is achieved through behaviour change interventions and this is measured through the Appearance, Behaviour and Communication of individuals within the organisation.

Products and Services

Our products and services are the catalyst for our clients to move towards achieving their potential.

Our Accomplishments

We are the first holistic personal branding solutions firm in Africa

Our material is authored, designed and originated by us, inspired by our clients

We have enhanced and improved personal and professional lives through our coaching programmes.

We were amongst the first firms to educate the market about image management and its importance since 2005

We have worked beyond the borders of South Africa

We have provided free coaching services to students throughout the Gauteng province

We have worked with various private and public sector organisation throughout the SADEC Region